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You can fund an entire project or make a smaller donation which we will use to help carry out our mission of providing clean, safe drinking water to people in need. All donations are tax deductible and can be made either electronically via the Donate Now Button below or you can write a check and send it with this PDF form to: Wells for Life®, P.O. Box 860064, Shawnee, KS 66286.

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So I’m back in India and so far it has been quite the trip

The title pretty much says it all. I don’t think in all of the 15 years of travel I have ever had the trip like I’m on now.  I’m honestly to tired to share a lot but suffice it to say it started in Kansas City with a delayed flight which caused me to miss my connection in Chicago which rerouted me to Hyderabad instead of Delhi and somehow my suitcase stayed in Chicago. Once in India, thankfully I had a carry on with a change of clothes, I was able to make a quick connection to fly to the capital city of Bhubaneshwar and grab a hotel for about 5 hours till my train left.  I finally arrived at my destination 6 hours later and was happy to be there. Following day I opened 5 new bore wells and got to spend much of the day on a motorbike which was a lot of fun then came the word that the following day a strike was to be called which essentially would shut down the trains, roads, shops and banks. That’s code for get out of town ASAP, so that’s what I did.  Cut my visit short a day and an 8 hour drive later I was back in the capital city of Odisha waiting for an early morning taxi ride to the airport to get out of Dodge.  The strike started officially at 8am but as I was leaving the hotel at 7:30 I learned people were already filling the streets and blocking traffic. Made it safely to Hyderabad only to discover still no suitcase though I... read more

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Bringing water to a rural village which is suffering from water scarcity or lacks water suitable for drinking is a very affordable investment especially when you consider the return.

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