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You can fund an entire project or make a smaller donation which we will use to help carry out our mission of providing clean, safe drinking water to people in need. All donations are tax deductible and can be made either electronically via the Donate Now Button below or you can write a check and send it with this PDF form to: Wells for Life®, P.O. Box 860064, Shawnee, KS 66286.

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November Trip

Jet lag is just about gone which is a really good thing because having energy abruptly disappear at 6pm is a real drag. This past trip was a whirlwind of a trip despite it being 9 days, it seemed like I was always in a car or on a plane. Nothing new really for India except that my air time was longer than my car time. 13 water project openings in the Trichy area which was a huge highlight with many of the projects being schools. How cool it was to walk into one school with 1800 screaming boys all excited to see you. Probably had something to do with me being a white foreigner and not so much about the fact that we brought 2 water projects, or maybe it was a combination of both. Regardless, it was a fun occasion and I was able to share a personal story with them that was practical and relatable. I could write pages and pages about the trip as there were many highlights; the slums of Chennai and the work taking place there with young people teaching them a transferable skill that empowers them to be self-sustaining to learning more about some income generating projects that benefit some very poor communities in Karnataka. There was also a wedding that I attended in Kerala and aside from the wedding party I was probably the most dressed up white guy in traditional Indian dress.   Somewhat crazy to think of but there I was looking out of place! All in all, a great trip. In 3 short weeks I’m back in India... read more

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Bringing water to a rural village which is suffering from water scarcity or lacks water suitable for drinking is a very affordable investment especially when you consider the return.

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